Germany Wind Energy

Germany Wind Energy

Germany is known as a leader of renewable energy in Europe. According to the data there has been installed more than 26,772 wind turbines by year 2015. Germany wind energy has reached high level. It is a great example how simple environment friendly technology can become a part of industry and everyday life. Due to the fact that technology is developing, it is also necessary to improve their services.

Germany Wind Energy Development

Since 2010 Germany wind energy is developed and improved with strong and fast-moving scores. While renewable energy level was only 5% in 1999, it gained point at 17% already in 2010. Expansion of renewable energy technologies has number of advantages. First of all, it is a huge influence to reduce nuclear and fossil fuel energy production. It leads to way of environmentally friendly technologies instead of harmful ones.

Germany wind energy technologies became the most powerful and rapidly developed renewable sources facilities. There are onshore and offshore wind farms countrywide.Speaking of offshore plants, they are of  interest to German science and economy. Interesting fact, in 2014, all in all 410 turbines, that existed offshore produced in the total amount 1747 megawatts.

During 2015 offshore wind power already gained all in all 3 gigawatts capacity. It means that this industry expands with extreme dash and Germany wind energy will continue to increase. Due to this fact energy sphere improves its service level as well. By year 2016 wind power jobs reckoned 142900 people involved in this services.

Wind Turbines Exploitation and Treatment

It is obvious that wind turbine as any special technology needs careful exploitation and treatment. Nowadays Germany has powerful net of service wind turbine. There are plenty of companies that maintain German wind energy.

Wind turbine is a rather powerful but delicate technical system. So it needs proper conditions of its exploitation. It is necessary to perform regular inspections. And problem should be detected and solved on time. Otherwise this problems can lead to dangerous concequances. Obviously, wind energy service needs sufficient number of high qualified technichians. Wind turbine service is a hard work, so maintaining companies need equipment that will ease this task.

Nowadays modern industrial companies produce advanced technologies that help in wind energy service. One of the European companies GlobeCore produces unique wind tirbine service equipment. The CMM-G and CMM-GL units provide wind gearbox oil treatment at a high level.

GlobeCore Germany Service

GlobeCore GmbH is a worldwide company, which produces equipment for different purposes, including wind turbines treatment. The systems of GlobeCore GmbH are specified in processing and cleaning of different types of oil, drying, vacuumizing etc. Also company designed technologies for cement grinding and producing of bitumen emulsions.

Our head office is situated in Oldenburg, Germany. The plants we manufacture are currently in operation in 70 countries. The dealer network includes 17 dealers.

GlobeCore GmbH has also offices in the US, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates to provide effective services. We constantly expand the manufacturing and sales territory, our infrastructure and introduce new ancillary services.

GlobeCore GmbH is now a large and diverse company. More than 200 skilled workers are currently working in our team, from the plasma cutting machine to the final installer in production.

The production facilities are equipped according to the international industrial standard: including robotized plasma cutter for metals, automatic welding systems and modern devices controlled by PLC.

The development department is systematically developing new facilities and improving existing production lines. GlobeCore GmbH manufactures hundreds of systems every year and each product is thoroughly inspected at the company’s test site. A lot of positive customer feedback confirms that we are moving in the right direction.

German GlobeCore office is always open to invite new clients and guests, who want to visit our seminars or to familiarize with our technologies. You also may ask the department for different types of services as oil analysis and purification.